What Is The Modere VIP List?

The Modere VIP List is a loyalty savings program launched by Modere in March 2022. The VIP List is designed to help loyal Modere customers level up their benefits by receiving exclusive rewards and savings on everyday purchases of the company’s science-backed, award-winning clean label essentials. Watch the quick video below to discover all the ways you can save by becoming a VIP.

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How To Get On The Modere VIP List

Getting on the Modere VIP List is easier than you think! However, in order to get on the list, you must first be a Modere customer. If you’re not already a customer, you can sign up for free using Modere referral code LEGENDARY. This code will automatically get you $10 off your first order which is in addition to the savings you will get when becoming a VIP List member!

If you’re already a customer, the only way to become a VIP List member is by setting up a monthly subscription for your favorite clean label essentials. Once you’ve subscribed to receive your award-winning products every month, Modere will automatically add you to the VIP list. As a VIP Fan, Enthusiast or Insider you’ll get loads of exclusive perks and rewards.

What Are The Differences Between The VIP Tiers?

The number of different items on your subscription determines your VIP tier — the more you subscribe, the more you save! What’s better? All individual products $65 or more are counted individually toward your VIP tier. Now, let’s take a look at the Modere VIP Tiers list below where you’ll see the differences.Modere VIP List Tiers

What Are The Perks Of The Modere VIP List?

One of the best perks of the VIP program is the ability to earn up to 15% off your monthly subscription. However, what makes being a VIP member even better is the ability to stack an additional 15% savings via the loyalty match feature. Yes, you read that right… You can stack your monthly and everyday savings on top of your loyalty match savings!

Here is a breakdown of all the features included with becoming a Modere VIP:

  • Save up to 15% with a monthly subscription and get your favorite clean label essentials delivered to your door
  • Qualify for free shipping on each order containing a subscription value of 8 or more items
  • Enjoy everyday savings of 5-15% on every purchase (even non-subscriptions)
  • Get up to an additional 15% savings on your monthly subscription via loyalty match as a thank you from Modere
  • Unlock the exclusive Friends & Family program to earn up to an additional $60 in product shopping credits

As you can see, joining the VIP list has a ton of awesome benefits that you cannot afford to miss out on!

Start shopping now, subscribe and get on the VIP list