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Modere Promo Code LEGENDARY


New Customer Referral Code For Modere

If you’re looking for the best Modere referral code to save $10 as a new customer, use promo code “Legendary”. This code works and will save you $10 instantly! This is the best recommended Modere referral code and it works Worldwide. Combine this discount code with the VIP List and loyalty match program to save big on your first Modere order.

On top of receiving a great discount as a new customer, you can take advantage of the VIP List, Share The Love, Loyalty Match and the Friends & Family promotions after your first order! Share the Love is an awesome program where every time you share Modere with a friend who orders, you’ll get $10 in credits and so will they. The more you share, the more shopping credits you get! 

That being said, you can only start sharing after you’ve become a customer where you’ll get your own Modere referral code, so order today and then start sharing these incredible products. Not sure what to order first? Check out why you may want to start with the flagship Liquid Biocell products since they are often considered to be some of the best liquid collagen supplements on the market!

$25 Off Referral Code For Modere

To save $25 or more on your first order with Modere, you need to create your account with referral code “Legendary” and spend $150 or more. This will earn you $25 in Modere Cash on top of giving you free shipping! The more you spend on your first order, the more you’ll save! For every $150 increment spent, you’ll receive an additional $25 in savings. For example, if your first order is over $300, you’ll save $50, and if it’s over $450, you’ll save $75!

Save $25 or more on your first order with referral code: Legendary

How To Save Money On Modere Products

If you’re a brand new customer to Modere, the first thing you need to do is use the promo code “Legendary” when creating your account. This will automatically take $10 off your first order. In addition to this savings, you can level up your savings and benefits by joining the Modere VIP list! Click here to read: What is the Modere VIP list?

How To Get Modere Cash (Formerly Known  As Shopping Credits)

Step 1. Create your free customer account with working Modere promo code “Legendary”.

Step 2. Be sure to join the VIP List by ordering your choice of clean label essentials on subscription. This will automatically get you on the VIP list which gets you loads of exclusive perks and rewards, including unlocking the Friends & Family program (which is only available to VIP list members)!  With the Friends & Family program, you could earn up to $60 in additional product credits.

If you have a qualifying subscription order after 2 months, you’ll receive an additional $20 in shopping credits!

Step 3. Share your favorite Modere products with others using your unique Modere referral code. This is known as the Share The Love program which will give others $10 off their first order, and awards you $10 in shopping credits for each person you refer that places an order.

Bonus: Modere will give you $50 in shopping credits EVERY YEAR on the anniversary of your account creation date. This is just one of the many ways Modere rewards it’s most loyal customers.

Modere VIP List


Modere Referral Code Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is a Modere Referral Code?
According to Reddit, a modere referral code looks like this: “Legendary”. New customers can use this code at checkout to get $10+ off their first order.

What Is a Modere Friends & Family Code?
As a new VIP List member, you will receive 3 unique, shareable Friends & Family links. Your loved one will save $20 on their first order of $99 or more by using your Friends & Family link, and you will receive a $20 shopping credit for sharing. If they spend less than $99, they will still save $10 on their order via the Modere Share the Love program.

Does Modere Have Free Shipping?
Yes. You can qualify for free shipping if you partake in the Modere Subscription program. On top of free shipping, you can receive up to 15% off your entire order! Therefor, this is a great deal if you combine a subscription with your first $10 off from a referral code and also take advantage of the VIP List.

Are There Modere Coupons?
Modere does not often have coupons, but if you’re a new customer you can use Modere referral code “Legendary” to save $10 on your first order. However, be on the lookout for flash sales during every holiday season!

How Many People Can I Refer To Modere?
You can use your Modere referral code with as many people as you want! Each time you share and they make a purchase, you’ll get $10 and they’ll get $10 off!*

Best Modere Australia Promo Code? new customers can use “Legendary” to receive $10 off their first order! Works for any products from the Australia shop.

Best Modere Canada Referral Code?
Enter referral code “Legendary” to save $10 on your first order from Modere Canada!

Best Modere Promo Code For United Kingdom?
Enter promo code “Legendary” to save £/€10 on your first order from Modere UK!

Best Modere Referral Code For India?
Use code “Legendary” at Modere India to save and enroll.

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*Please note that US regulations cap this perk at $600 each calendar year.